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April 16, 2013
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Rin sat staring in front of her laptop screen. The video she'd watched had just come to an end and her mind was racing. Was it truly possible? Could you really have control over someone like that?

"I've got to try this!" she squealed. Rubbing her hands together, she stood up and grinned deviously.

Before she left her bedroom she rummaged through her jewellery box and pulled out a necklace. The beads were sphere shaped and went in a black and white pattern. She shrugged her shoulders and muttered, "Ah, close enough." Holding the beads tightly she made her way downstairs.

Everyone was out of the Vocaloid household except Miku, Luka, Len and herself. Most of them had gone shopping, for the fridge was almost empty. It was fairly quiet apart from girly giggles coming from Luka's room. They were watching a funny chick flick. Rin refused when Miku offered for her to join them because she didn't do chick flicks much. And anyway, she had something far more entertaining to do.

As Rin approached the living room her eyes fell on just the sight she'd expected. Len was sat on the sofa watching TV while peacefully munching on a banana. Trying to hold in her giggles, Rin clutched the necklace tighter as she slowly walked up behind Len.

"Oh, hey Rin," smiled Len as he looked up. "Whatcha do- AH!" Before he could do anything else, Rin pulled out his small ponytail and put the necklace around his neck. Purposely, she'd tangled it in his now loose hair. "What on earth?!" Len gasped. He tugged at the necklace, trying to take it off but yelped in pain as it pulled his hair. It was stuck.

"Len?" asked Rin as she walked around the sofa to face him. She had a devilish grin on her face.

"Y-yes?" stuttered Len with a look of fear in his eyes.

"Make me orange muffins, NOW!" she yelled. Rin LOVED orange flavoured muffins and her brother was a rather good cook.

"What? W-why?" Len looked confused.

Rin bent over and grabbed his shirt collar, lifting him slightly off the sofa. "Because I say so!" she snapped at him. Len stared at her for a few seconds and then started laughing. "What's funny?" asked Rin.

"Why should I do what you say? You don't have control over me!" chuckled Len.

"Oh, but I do." Rin smirked. She let go of Len's shirt and he fell back onto the sofa. She then linked her three back fingers of her right and left hand together. She poked her index fingers up in the air and kept her thumbs down low. She then shut her eyes and mumbled what sounded like a chant. Len was speechless. What the heck was she doing?

Rin opened her eyes and said, "Now, I'll give you one more chance. Make me orange muffins."

Len smirked up at his sister and he leaned forward. "No," was his simple answer.

"Right," sniggered Rin. She grabbed Len's hands and yanked him off the sofa so he was stood up. "You've asked for it." She moved out of Len's way, pointed at him with one hand with the other on her hip and yelled, "SIT BOY!"



The look of shock upon Len's face slowly turned into a grin. "Honestly Rin, what are you like? Those are NOT enchanted beads and I am NOT Inu-"


This time an unsuspecting Len actually went flying and landed flat on his face. "Fwat u ell?" groaned Len who sounded slightly muffled.

"Told you. Now make me orange muffins! I'm going upstairs and if they're not baked in one hour, you're gonna get it! Ok? Good dog!" chirped Rin and she skipped off back to her bedroom.

"No! Rin! Don't just leave me here!" cried Len.

The first thing Rin did when she was back in her room was get her laptop back out and pressed play on the next episode. "Time to learn more tricks!"

Len was still lying face down. He was completely stunned how Rin had actually made those 'beads of subjugation' work. Rubbing his sore nose, he stood up and made his way towards the kitchen. While he began baking he whimpered, "Now how the hell am I gonna get this damn thing off without it hurting?"

Since Len was to focused on getting the muffins ready for his 'Kagome' he didn't notice a teal head and pink head giggling in the doorway. Their film had ended so they'd decided to assist a certain orange lover without them knowing.

"I've wanted to do that to Len for so long!" giggled the teal.

"That was such a great idea," replied the pink and they silently high-fived each other.
InuYasha is probably my most favourite anime EVER! So I just had to write this. XD

I know these oneshots are short, but my other ones are longer. :D
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KaylinaKata Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
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