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~If Only, If Only~


Rin and Len jumped upright with a look of fear in their eyes. Master was scary when he shouted. They'd been engrossed in discussing a new prank they'd planned for Miku. What was better than tying her incredibly long hair to her headboard while sleeping? It was brilliant. They'd wake up to the teal's confused shrieks. It was true, the Kagamines were slightly sadistic. Especially when it came to Miku.

"For goodness sake, you two. You're starring in this video. PAY ATTENTION!" bellowed Master. It was obvious he was stressed.

"Sorry, Master," the Kagamines muttered in unison. Len walked over to the middle of the stage while Rin waddled behind him. After all, it was almost impossible to move in what she was wearing. Rin was in a beautiful, black and yellow, traditional princess' dress. The bottom and top were lined with a frilly, black lace and the front made her look rather like a bumblebee. Her short, golden hair was pinned up in a bun and she held a fan in her gloved hand.

Len was dressed in a suit. The blazer was a similar yellow colour to the one Rin wore and he wore a frilly, white shirt underneath. His trowsers were jet black, his shoes so polished you could see your reflection in them and his normal, messy ponytail was tied neatly back with a silky, black ribbon.

They'd been talking about this series for awhile. The Kagamines remembered the first day Master told them of the plans. At first, they weren't extremely fussed on the idea but after some time, they accepted it and began rehearsing. After all, it wasn't a simple song, but a grand story. A story that the Kagamines were nervous to act out but nonetheless, they worked as hard as they could for it. Rin's side had already been filmed, that was easy. But Len's side was going to be a lot more tricky.

Finally, it was the day for the official recording. Len was quite calm on the outside but inside, his mind was racing. He couldn't believe what he had to do...what he had to do with Miku. He wasn't at all fussed on the tealette and wasn't happy with the idea, but it was vital in the story. What was more, he was worried about Rin's feelings.

Rin and Len were so close, they were unbreakable. Meiko described the blondes as being 'tied to the hip' and 'one soul in two bodies'. It was so sweet when Kaito walked in on them snuggling together under a duvet. They weren't really supposed to sleep in each other's beds anymore (for obvious reasons) but now and then one sneaked into the other's arms during the night. The Vocaloids let it slide but if Master found out, they'd get a row.

Nothing was to happen in the Vocaloid house without Master knowing about it. It was awfully unfair. They couldn't even see Master! He insisted on hiding in the shadows. They could only see his outline and they knew Master was male due to his deep voice. Unless it was a woman with a deep voice... Piko and Miki joked about him possibly being too ugly to show himself, only to get a clip around the ear from Luka. But even though Master was awfully strict, the Vocaloids lived happy lives and enjoyed singing.

"Len?" asked Rin quietly as she gently nudged the boy. "Are you ok?"

Len continued to look down, a position he'd been since Master walked off to get the lighting sorted. "I'm fine," he stated. "Just nervous."

It wasn't a lie but there was so much more to it. Everyone had practiced separately, except the twins, so it was his first time for that PV working properly with Miku. He was terrified of how he had to act towards Miku. How could he? The only person he'd ever act that way to was Rin.

Although...he never had. But, oh how he dreamed of doing so. His fantasies had recently been starting to be getting the better of him and the poor boy would wake up terribly sweaty and panicking. He was disgusted with himself for seeing Rin that way. They'd been best friends for as long as he could remember but he never thought his friendly feelings towards Rin would grow into something so much more.

Rin, funny enough, felt exactly the same. It had taken awhile for things to click but once she realised boys and girls who are best friends don't cuddle together at night, walk hand-in-hand practically everywhere and can gaze into each other's eyes without any sound or movement for minutes, she realised she loved the silly, little, banana boy.

Every night before she went to sleep, she'd make up little scenes in her head. Maybe one time Len would be warmly comforting her. Another would be Len taking her on a wonderful date. One of her favourites was the fantasy of Len pushing her against a wall, his lips firmly on hers. However, she usually couldn't look at Len without blushing for an hour or so afterwards. Sometimes she practiced kissing with the back of her hand. She felt awfully embarrassed by it and Len even walked in on her one time. Her excuse was she'd dribbled orange juice down her hand. Thankfully, Len had believed her.

'If only you knew,' they'd both whisper to themselves before going to sleep.

Master stormed back into the studio clutching a clipboard tightly. "Now," he said with a grin. "Let the filming of Servant Of Evil begin!"

Len got down on one knee in front of Rin. Just before the music started, he smiled up at her and mouthed, 'Good luck.' Rin mouthed the words back with a warm expression. They always did that. Right before they'd start filming a PV, the Kagamines wished each other well. If not, they were worried they'd mess up.

The music started and Len soon heard his pre-recorded voice echoing around the room. His lips never actually matched the lyrics during the whole PV. Only one small part towards the end would he mouth the words to go with the song.

You are the princess and I am your servant

We are pitiable twins fate has been cruel to

For the sake of keeping you safe

I shall even become evil for you

Len proceeded to tenderly kiss Rin's gloved fingers. Even through the glove, Rin felt a pleasant tingle tickle up her hand. It made her smile for the camera true, only she wished Len would kiss her when they weren't acting.

They skipped Allen and Rillanne playing as children outside the church. Sadly, both the little toddlers cast as the young Allen and Rillanne had both fallen ill with a cold. The filming had to go on so the children would be filmed a day or so later when they were better. The last thing Master wanted was for two sickly children to come and get all the Vocaloids ill. He had deadlines to meet.

Even if the everyone in the world

Were to turn completely against you

Protect you I shall, I will keep you safe

So just be yourself and smile that sweet smile you do

Rin held in a giggle as she threw herself at Len, hugging him tightly. Len acted surprised but quickly hugged her back, even closer. Both their hearts were racing and Len had to hold in the urge to pull her face towards his and kiss her there and then. If only...If only...

The second chorus finished and Rin effectively twirled out of sight off the camera. Master tossed Len a casual cap from the time period and Len placed it firmly on his head. He began pretending to casually walk down the set built to resemble an old street. It was very well made. Everyone had to admit, Master was pretty good at designing and the people who built it were incredibly talented.

Miku and Kaito walked into the scene, their arms linked. Miku was wearing a long, flowing, pastel green dress while Kaito was in a smart, yet casual blue suit. They looked charming together. Len could feel himself panicking now. It was nearly time.

When I went out to visit the neighbouring nation

I happened to see a girl of green walking by

Because of her kind, gentle voice and her tender smile

I couldn't help to fall in love with her at first sight

Len had been practicing how to blush on cue and at that last line, he thought: 'Rin in a maid costume. Rin in a maid costume. RIN IN A MAID COSTUME!'

Soon enough, the thought of his beautiful Rin in maid cosplay made him go bright pink, but not so much it was overdoing it.

Rin's eyes narrowed. Not just for the next scene, but for what had just happened. That was a proper blush she'd seen upon Len's face. He looked awkward and embarrassed. That type of blush couldn't be faked. She was dreading it. Why did he blush due to Miku? Why?!

However, if my princess wishes

For the kind, green girl to be erased from this world

Rin stormed up to Len on stage and pretended to cry on his shoulder before handing him a dagger decorated with jewels. On the inside, Rin WAS actually thinking, 'Kill the bitch,' from her rage but, she still felt mean. Did her hatred towards Len's sudden feelings for Miku mean she was evil? Even out of the story?

Then of course I'll fulfill that wish for my queen

Miku wandered on stage and Len smiled sweetly before he pulled out the dagger, ran up to Miku and pretended to stab her. Miku gasped and fell limply into Len's arms. Len gulped and leant in slightly. This was it...this was it...

He had to kiss Miku.

He reached down lower and lower until his nose was just touching Miku's. His head told himself he could do it, that by reaching down less than an inch it would be over and done with. He didn't have a chance with Rin anyway. But Len's heart was loudly protesting. It was telling him that even if Rin were never to return his feelings, he'd get on. But he didn't have to kiss someone he didn't love.

Miku whisper-snapped, "Come on, then! Do it!"

Len leaned in and quickly pecked Miku's cheek. "I'm sorry, I can't."

He then gently lowered Miku's body to the floor. Now, even the tears he needed for the scene didn't have to be faked. He was, in fact, so overjoyed with the fact he'd won the battle, small tears of happiness slowly trailed from his azure eyes down his cheeks.

But why? My tears won't stop for this girl!

As Rin came back on stage for the next part, she couldn't help but choke back tears. From the sidelines, due to angle changes she'd witnessed something different. She'd seen her love kiss another girl. Not only that, but she could tell Len's tears were real. Rin was one of the few Vocaloids who had seen Len cry and she could easily tell real apart from fake. Her chest was tight and a small lump in her throat was getting bigger and bigger. She wasn't going to last long.

The song was progressing on. They were nearing the end. Len quickly pulled Rin close, swayed on the spot with her and started to mouth the words to the verse.

Here, I'll lend to my clothes to wear

Take them and promise me you'll escape immediately

No need to worry, we're twins after all!

No one will be able to tell the difference, you'll see!

Len quickly unzipped Rin's dress causing her to flush a slight red. Even if it was acting and to simply change clothes, being the hormone crazed girl Rin was, she couldn't help but think of something different. She was even already wearing a copy of Len's servant costume underneath so they could change quickly but the thought still got to her.

Len pulled the dress up over his clothing and smiled tenderly at Rin. He grabbed a cloak hanging at the side of the stage, draped it over Rin and pushed her gently off stage. He then took out the ribbon tying his hair back and turned around to be met face to face with Meiko's sword.

Once upon a time, a very long time ago

There was a kingdom known for being dark and sinister

And the one person ruling over them all

Was my very cute and sweet, dear twin sister

Len was guided by Meiko and Kaito over to the guillotine. He maintained his calm, serious expression as his head was pushed through the slot. Even though it was fake, Rin's heart was pounding loudly. She was still under the cloak and at the back of a crowd, witnessing 'Rillanne's' execution. Rin's voice appeared on the soundtrack as she pushed through the crowd to get to the front.

Even if the everyone in the world (Finally, the time has now come)

Were to turn completely against you (As the bells' three chimes sound end of your last day)

Protect you I shall, I will keep you safe (Not even bothering to look at the crowd)

So just keep smiling but somewhere else you'll have to go to (My favourite phrase is the last thing you say)

"Oh, it's tea time!"


Dong! Dong! Dong!

Overwhelmed by the sickening noise, Rin collapsed on the floor in tears. She knew perfectly well that her best friend was quite safe and merely hiding behind the guillotine but the thought of Len dying was far too much. She was a mess. The track finally ended, the lighting went back to normal and Master started loudly clapping.

"Fantastic everyone!" he praised happily. "That was great! I seriously doubt we'll have to run through again. We'll film the children tomorrow. Oh, and Rin? It's over. You can come out of character."

But Rin found she couldn't stop crying. More and more tears were racing down her face. Len dying... Len kissing Miku... Len dying... Len loving Miku... It was all far too much.

Len cautiously crouched down next to his weeping friend and asked softly, "Hey, Rin-chan? Why are you still crying?"

"Y-you...guillotine..." Rin sobbed back, her face buried in her hands.

Len sighed and chuckled lightly. "Don't be daft. I'm perfectly fine, see?" he smiled and gently placed a hand on her golden head. "Please stop crying."

Rin looked up slightly and stuttered in a tiny voice, "A-a-and Mi-Miku..."

Len tilted his head to the left in confusion and asked, "What about Miku?"

Rin gasped when she realised what she'd said. Not wanting Len to get anymore out of her, she shot up and dashed out of the studio, leaving her cloak floating down behind. Len stumbled up and started to run after her. Mind you, he was having some trouble. It's pretty hard to run in a big dress like that. Especially if you're a guy who isn't used to wearing dresses.

As Len zoomed (kind of) down a corridor after Rin he passed Piko and Miki.

"Oi, Len! I thought your shooting would've been over by now!" called Miki after him.

Piko smirked and snickered, "Ah, that's right. He has. But he's still wearing the dress? Oh, I see! He's developed a taste for the ladies fashion! Nice...nice... You look so pretty, Len!"

Miki laughed at Piko's comment but Len only yelled back over his shoulder, "Shut up you stupid shota! At least my main outfit is shorts and not a skirt, unlike yours!"

Piko went crimson while Miki was in hysterics on the floor. Len would've loved to stay and tease some more but he had to get to Rin. What had happened?

Rin ran around a corner but tripped over a pile of cardboard boxes in the process. Before she went flying, Len caught up behind her and grabbed her wrist. She tried yanking him off but it was no use. He had her tightly. Rin eventually stopped struggling but faced away from Len.

"Rin?" panted Len. Running in a big dress along with a tight suit underneath was awful. Len learned the hard way. "What...what happened there? What about Miku?"

Rin murmured something but Len couldn't hear at all. He pulled on her arm, but not hard enough to hurt her. Rin got the message and finally said, "Why don't you look at me like that?"


Rin spun around, tears of anger and frustration in her eyes. She'd had enough and she was going to get the message through to Len. Enough hints, she was confessing.

"Why don't you look at me like that? Why don't you touch me like that? Why don't you feel for me like that?!" she cried at him.


Rin scowled. "I WANT you to look at me. I WANT you to touch me. I WANT you to feel for me!"


Getting even more frustrated Rin said, "And all you seemed to care about was Miku! You and her on the stage just now, what was going on?!"


"And you KISSED her! You actually KISSED her! I can't even believe that-"

Rin was cut off by Len lifting his hands up on her shoulders. Her eyes went wide and she held her breath. Len's hands slowly traveled to the back of Rin's neck and then up to her cheeks. He cupped them gently and smiled. His gaze was genuine and loving. Rin was stunned.

"How about this, eh? I AM looking at you. I AM touching you. I AM feeling for you." With that, he leaned in.

Rin tried to push him off but Len was glued to the spot. As Rin's eyes grew wider and wider, Len's gaze only grew warmer and warmer. Rin knew her cheeks were scarlet but she was surprised to notice Len's face was tinted pink. It was the same face she'd seen earlier towards Miku. She didn't know what to think. How could she know for sure?

"I blushed because I was thinking of you. I cried tears of joy because I stopped myself from kissing Miku. Just ask her," Len said with a grin before he was certain it was time. He went all the way and pressed his lips against Rin's.

Len felt so warm to Rin. Nothing could have prepared her for the moment. The caress of his lips were softer than she could have ever imagined. Her heart was practically leaping out of her chest and her eyelids fluttered closed. As for Len, he was over the moon. Finally, the girl he'd been dreaming of for so long. Finally, she was his.

They broke off but went right back in as the kiss started to get deeper. He pushed his tongue through which Rin gladly allowed. The blondes began to cling to each other desperately, like they were each other's lifeline. Rin's arms were tightly clenched together around the back of Len's neck while his hands were holding her tightly around her waist. It was hard to restrain himself from slipping his hands any further for gentlemanly reasons.

Rin suddenly pulled away and gasped, "Len..."

"Hm?" Len replied, panting heavily with his eyes still closed.

Rin hesitated. "Do you Could you take off the dress?"

Len's eyes snapped open and he went the colour of a beetroot. In the heat of it all, he'd completely forgotten he was wearing a dress. He tried reaching for the zip but failed. Rin giggled, reached over to yank down the zip and Len carefully eased the dress off and chucked it on the floor beside them.

Len pushed Rin up against the corridor wall and captured her mouth with his own yet again. Rin was in heaven. That fantasy of hers, her favourite fantasy, it was even better than she'd thought. She loved the way Len was taking control, capturing her completely and making her feel weak at the knees. Len helped her by pushing his body against hers to prop her up and the sudden connection left the two gasping in each other's ears. Rin had always thought she would be the dominant one out of the two but this had definitely proved her wrong.

Len left her lips, causing her to whine in protest but they were soon replaced to soft moans as Len gently kissed her neck. He kissed one spot several times to find Rin moaned louder there. He started to gently stuck, leaving Rin in pure bliss. Her dainty fingers were tangled in his hair and her eyes were glazed over with nothing but love for Len.


Rin and Len jumped and looked over to where the yelling had come from. A bluenette and purple head were dashing down the corridor in opposite directions. Then Len remembered they were wearing exactly the same servant costumes. He mentally noted to find a way to kill Kaito and Gakupo later on. He sighed, released Rin from the wall but brought her into his arms in a tight hug.

"Satisfied?" he asked, still panting slightly.

"Much," Rin replied breathlessly.

Len smiled over Rin's shoulder and added, "Me too. But I'm glad we stopped, we were getting a it."

Rin giggled and drew back so she could look Len directly in the eye. She smirked and said seductively, "True. But I wouldn't mind you being my Servant Of Evil any time."

Len Kagamine had never blushed harder in his life.
Well, unlike many other fans who have been with Vocaloid for several years, I've sadly not been here awfully long. BUT yesterday marked one year of me loving Vocaloid! I'd heard/watched a few songs (World Is Mine, BOYRS) but it wasn't until April 24th 2012 that...I clicked on a video called, 'Servant Of Evil Classical Version PV'


Servant Of Evil started my Vocaloid (mainly Kagamine) obsession and it's still one of my favourite songs ever. (I just hate the LenxMiku parts...BLARGH!) So this was made! And I made sure to add in lots of extra RinxLen fluff because it's a special :D

BTW just want to make two things clear.
1) Yes, I know Allen didn't really kill Michaela and it was really Ney and blah blah blah. This is the way I've always liked to see Servant Of Evil, this is the way I'll write it :)
2)I know the lyrics aren't completely correct. That's because these are MY ENGLISH LYRICS THAT I TRIED TO RHYME...TERRIBLY..:iconotlplz:
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