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April 10, 2013
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I sit in front of my desk sighing. My pencil impatiently taps on my paper while my brain decides it isn't going to work for me at the moment. Thanks brain. Thanks a lot. I put my pencil down, lean back in my chair and groan.

Three words: I HATE HOMEWORK

I mean, who actually likes it? You do enough work at school to last you for the day and then they go and give you a bucket load of work for afterwards. I do not find it fair one little bit! Wait, that sounded whiney. I Kagamine Len do not whine! I just state the facts.

It doesn't help that I'm not the best at school work. When I draw a dog it looks more like some weird toad/alien thing. In math I hardly understand anything. For sports I'm useless and the other boys call me a shota. As for science, I can never remember any of the facts. Sensei once asked me, "Why does a ball bounce upon falling?" I replied, "Uh, cause it's bouncy I guess." I got detention after that. The only subject I'm actually good at is music. It's not like I don't try! I try my best in all my subjects but I fail every time.

Then when I get home from school I wish I could think, "Yay! Freedom! I can just switch off and have a nap or play video games or even just relax while eating a banana." But what I really think when I get home and trudge up to my room is, "Right. Time to do all that damn homework."

I think the one thing that annoys my most about my school work is my sister, Rin. I know, you're thinking what on earth my sister has to do with it. Well, she has a lot to do with it. Rin and I are twins and we look almost identical on the outside but the inside is very different. Rin's a complete and utter smarty pants. She's top in almost everything and also pulls off not being a nerd at the same time.

When our parents see her exam papers they praise her and reward her. They pat her on the head and say, "You have a great future ahead, little miss!" But when they look at mine they frown and say, "Why can't you be more like Rin?"

I scan my sheet again. It's Geography, and I don't understand anything! "Damn it!" I yell and slam my head against my desk. I can feel tears forming in the corners of my eyes. Come on! I'm fourteen year old boy for Pete's sake, not a baby! Then mum and dad's voices repeat in my head.

"Why can't you be more like Rin? Why can't you? Why can't you be more like Rin?"

I can't hold it in any more and let my tears fall. I sit there quietly sobbing for a few minutes, unaware of the figure standing in the doorway


I quickly dry my eyes and sit up. I spin around and see Rin. Crap, she's the last person I want to see at the moment. She must sense something's up because she's staring at me with worry in her azure eyes. I must look a right state at the moment.

"Yes, Rin?"

"Are you ok? You look upset."

"I'm fine. I just need to finish my homework." I try to say it calmly but my voice is all jerky from crying. I look down for a second and then lift my head back up to tell her to leave but gasp from shock instead. She was standing right in front of me. How'd she move so fast? Ack! Help! My sister's a vampire!

"You are not fine at all," Rin says as she pulls me up and hugs me. At first I don't have a clue how to react. The person who I'm immensely jealous of was comforting me. But I decide to accept it and cling onto her tightly not caring how embarrassing it might be. I begin to sniff and let fresh tears flow again. I hide my face in her neck and she holds me tighter. Thank you Rin. I really need this comfort right now.

After awhile I finally stop sobbing and she lets go. She gives me a sad smile and says, "Ok, would you like to tell me what's wrong?" I nod and we both sit down on the edge of my bed. "Tell me then."

"It's just, I'm really struggling with school work at the moment. I'm finding it all so difficult. I can never remember anything the teacher says and I can never get the answer right. I hate all this homework I'm given and the worst bit…" I trail off and look down at my lap.

"Len, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. But I'd prefer if you did," reassures Rin. She puts a hand on my shoulder.

"Please don't hate me for saying this." I look her in the eye. "But I'm really jealous of you. You're a very smart girl, Rin, and you always ace your tests. You don't have any problem with homework and you… you get all the praise from mum and dad." I was close to tears again. I sniff and add, "I never get praised by them. Never."

Rin looks at me with wide eyes and for a moment I think she's going to shout at me. But she just sighs and puts her arms round me once more. I resist the urge to cry again and sniff. She pats my back and softly cradles me saying, "There, there."

"You're probably thinking of me as a big baby at the moment, huh?" I whimper as I hold on to my twin.

"No, not at all."


"Len, if I was in your shoes I'd be in this state. It's true, mum and dad are harsh on you. Honestly, it annoys the heck outta me."

She lets go, looks me in the eye and smiles. I give her a weak smile back. She pulls me up and leads me over to my desk. "Now," she says. "I'm going to tutor you."


"I said I'm going to tutor you. We have to start somewhere, right?" She grabs my hand and squeezes.

"Right," I smile and squeeze back.

For the next hour or so Rin helps me with my homework. By the time we are done I understand a lot more than I used to! She didn't snap or glare at me when I got it wrong. She just explained it again more simply until I got it.

"See! I knew you could to it!" she cheers and I attack her with a hug. I'd hugged her with so much force that we both topple over. We then start laughing and I give her a brotherly kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you so much, Rin. I'm so glad I've got you for my sister."

"And I couldn't ask for a better brother, no matter what mum and dad say."
Chapter 2 of Bows and Bananas: Homework! When I first wrote this (last August, when I'd just started writing fanfiction) it seemed good but's just cheesy XD
Anyway, hope you like! And my other oneshots are better, promise! ;A;
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TheCuteLoader Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Aww, This is so cute.I love these! (Starts +Favoriting all of them)
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Aww thank you QuQ
TheCuteLoader Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
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This story is so adorable and lovely. And Kawaii~:love:
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aaahhhwww!!! so cute
lenny is a softie XD
even though he is a shota it's fine .... i still like him ^///^
but honestly i have problems in homework specially in math it's too hard to understand @.@
lizzie-rivers Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist
It's not that I find my homework hard, I'm just given so much! It's hard to get it all done >.<
sheamy Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
eh whats your age??
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if you don't mind me asking ^^
lizzie-rivers Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist
Um...I'll note you my age. I don't like many knowing ^.^
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